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Dynamic Capability-Based Approach To Walue Appropriation
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Extant management literature provides a quite comprehensive picture of the dynamic nature of value creation, whereas value appropriation has received much less scholarly attention. The number of research works devoted to the complex issues of value receiving, protecting and retaining is at the moment relatively modest, concerning both theoretical and empirical dimension. There is a paucity of coherent theoretical frameworks providing insights into the dynamic nature of value appropriation. This book addresses the gap in the body of strategic management literature by providing a dynamic capability-based framework of value appropriation, discussed on a theoretical level and deployed in an empirical investigation.

“Author managed to combine the analysis of the firm’s response to strategic discontinuities with the logic of value appropriation, and all this from the perspective of activity clusters of dynamic capabilities. However, the chosen path is different from the typical approach to disaggregation of dynamic capabilities presented in the literature. Monograph stands out by a perfectly conducted theoretical reflection, recognition of the roots of mental concepts, development trends in the literature, and the ability to capture that significant complexity in appealing schemes, which are the key points of the book.”
From the review by Prof. dr hab. Wojciech Czakon